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10 Tips to extend life of your Fabric Sofa

After doing careful study and talking to many sofa owners, i have concluded 10 tips which will surely extend life of your fabric sofa

1 regular vacuum cleaning of sofa - once a week
2 keep your sofa safe from exposure to direct sun light - use blinds or curtains
3 use cushions - flip them regularly

4 avoid allowing pets on sofa - if allowed, make sure to remove pet hair and dander
5 don't use sofa while eating or drinking - better use dining table and chairs

6 Use complete sofa - avoid using a particular part again and again
7 Consider fabric protection - Scotch Guard and other fabric protector are effective when used on new sofa to a certain extent
8 Choose fabric carefully - fabric with high thread count or dense fabric will last longer
9 Light color sofa will easily get stained and require more frequent cleaning than dark color sofa  -         prefer color which does not fade easily
10 Go for professional sofa shampoo cleaning - every 6 months

 I hope above points will extend life of your sofa.

Do's and Don'ts of Fabric Sofa Shampoo Cleaning at home

You can try to clean your fabric sofa at home. But, there are some important points to note before you try to clean your sofa yourself. This is obviously not for fun. It's a serious work. You may spoil or permanently damage your beloved sofa for ever if you are not careful.

Always, clean your  fabric sofa by 3 step process 
1st step - Vacuuming to remove dust
2nd step - Shampooing to remove stains
3rd step - Vacuuming to dry

You will need a bucket which is half filled with water, a cleaning agent which is also called shampoo for sofa cleaning, a brush to remove stains, scrubber made of nylon to apply foam on sofa and a wet and dry vacuum cleaner to remove dust and later to dry sofa. You can also use some baking soda to remove tough stains in proper proportion.

Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner
Cleaning Agent
A Bucket
Scrubber made of nylon
a Brush used for cleaning cloth

To do your best, kindly go through below do's and don'ts before you start  cleaning your sofa. These are rules which i have found to be true to the core after cleaning 20,000+ sofas in last 8 years.

  • You can clean your sofa at home without professional help, only if it's not too much stained
  • First, try cleaning a small patch of your sofa to check if the chemical being used is suitable and effective or not 
  • Choose correct chemical or cleaning agent by checking the label on the pack
  • You will need a soft brush which you will rub on sofa to remove stains
  • You must vacuum clean the sofa to remove dust before starting shampooing
  • Mix water and cleaning agent as per direction given on the package
  • Try to use only the foam from the bucket where you have stirred the chemical in water
  • Soda can be used with care to remove tough stains
  • Vacuum cleaning of sofa after shampooing is must
  • It's best if you leave your sofa to dry below fan for 3-4 hours after all process of cleaning is over
  • It's always the best to take professional service for sofa cleaning as they have experience and knowledge


  • Don't use too much water as it will damage your sofa permanently
  • Don't experiment! If you have not done any study or have no knowledge about sofa cleaning, then don't try.
  • Don't just research from internet and start using different chemicals to remove stains (everything written on net is not necessarily true, please check the source of information)
  • Don't use any chemical which may harm your health
  • Don't scrub brush with hard hands as it may tear or damage your sofa
  • Don't try to clean your sofa yourself if it is too stained and you are confused about cleaning it
  • Don't leave your sofa in sunlight to dry as it will leave patches on your sofa if there is shadow falling on it while drying
  • Don't use your sofa before it is completely dry

So, now you can start cleaning your sofa and if you follow above do's and don'ts, you may succeed.

Always remember that professional cleaners are more equipped and skilled to clean your sofa. You may be trying to save money by cleaning your sofa yourself, but it will be a disaster if you fail to apply above rules perfectly. In fact, you have hardly any chance as you know quite well that perfection comes from practice. If you fail, then call a professional sofa cleaner immediately to do the correction.

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You can watch the below video for some guidance.

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