Wednesday, June 27, 2018

What is this blog about?

This blog is created by someone who has cleaned thousands of different types of sofas in Ahmedabad in last 8 years. It started with steam cleaning of sofa, then shampoo cleaning of sofa. Gradually i have learned that sofa cleaning is a art. I have been continuously cleaning sofas on daily basis to earn bread and butter. I love my job/business. I have learned a lot about sofa cleaning through my rich experience. Now, i have mastered this art and never get any complain from any client. I have earned well, trained and employed many people who are doing marvelous job in sofa cleaning.

Here in this blog i am sharing my knowledge. I will pour about my experience here which may help in increasing life of many sofas. It will help many who will understand how to take care of sofa or upholstery. There are many questions whose answers are still unanswered and unknown. I will try my best to cover all questions related to sofa cleaning and maintaining. This blog will also educate those who are looking to buy new sofa. This blog is useful for anyone who is concerned about sofa.

Do you know that how many types of sofas are available in market?
Do you know that how many methods or process are being used to clean sofas by professionals?
Do you know that sofa cleaning is art?
Do you know that your sofa can be cleaned at home or not?
Do you know which stains on sofa are removable and by using what?
Do you know which are the most popular keywords while searching about sofa cleaning?
Do you know how to start this sofa cleaning business?
Do you know vacuum cleaning should be done how frequently?
Do you know that your sofa has some life which can be increased or decreased?
Do you know Do's and Don'ts of sofa cleaning?
Do you know how sofa seat looses its shape?
Do you know what sofa cushions are filled with?
Do you know which cushions are best for you?
Do you know which sofa color is best for your house?
Do you know how your sofa was made?
Do your sofa have lived up to your expectancy?
Do u check rating of cleaner before allowing him to clean your sofa?
Have you discussed the process of sofa cleaning being used for sofa cleaning with your cleaner?
Have you done enough research before giving appointment to cleaner for cleaning your beloved expensive sofa?
How are we moving towards modular sofas and what are they?
Should we go for ready-made sofa or ask the carpenter to make sofas as per your wish?
How to calculate life of sofa?
Is leather sofa better than fabric ones?
Which is easy to clean, fabric or leather?
Which is easy to manage, fabric or leather?
Do you know that water can be friend or enemy of your sofa?

Many more questions will be answered here. Some are those coming in my mind, some i have read about, some i have been asked and some which you are looking for answer.

I will love to read your comment or question.

You will also get to know all 10 fascinating facts about the business of sofa cleaning.
I will also guide someone who is looking to start sofa cleaning business.

You will also come to know how to find the best sofa cleaner in your town.

There is so much to write. Let me start. 

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