Thursday, July 5, 2018

Why it is important to clean sofa regularly?

Sofa is the most important part of your drawing room which make it a living room. It is not only a place where you like to rest, but it is also something which gives a good or bad look to your drawing room. A drawing room without sofa is unimaginable. You must have a sofa set which may be small or big, light color or dark color, leather or fabric, modern or traditional in your drawing room to give life to your drawing room. It will make the room a living room where family come together and love to spend time together. Spend time, money and energy in managing your sofa and you will find your family spending more hours together. So, isn't that great?

When a visitor or guest enters your house, you usually ask him or her to sit on your sofa. If it is clean and neatly managed, it shows that you love cleanliness. You will immediately earn respect. If it is dirty, it shows that you are not concerned about cleanliness and don't care about hygiene.  You have to decide that how you want to showcase your house to visitor and what impression you want to create in guest's mind. Sofa creates the first impression.

Benefits of cleaning your sofa regularly are

  • your living room will look beautiful and clean
  • your sofa will be free of harmful bacteria and germs, thus your family can have healthy living area
  • air quality will be good when sofa is free from dust, mildew and allergens

Cleaning regularly means sofa being vacuum cleaned and wiped with damp microfiber cloth weekly in a very dusty area, fortnightly in a dusty area and once in a month in a dust free area.

Once or twice a year, shampoo cleaning of fabric and leather sofa is also recommended using professional sofa cleaning agency. 

Monday, July 2, 2018

How to find the best professional sofa cleaner in your city/town in India?

It's easy as well as complex. It's how you search, where you search and what you are looking for to find the best sofa cleaner in your city/town.

First, lets check some online sources -

Google is usually the first choice. Here you will immediately get a small list of sofa cleaners, their ratings, their contact details and their website link. It's a free service where Google is not charging sofa cleaners. It's also to gateway to other search options like JustDial, Sulekha and Urbanclap.

JustDial is another good option if you are looking for a deal. Here, you will find various sofa cleaners giving you competitive rates once you use JustDial and inquire for sofa cleaning service. JustDial take resgistartion charge from sofa cleaners. Those who pay more, get more visibility. JustDial has aggressively worked on collecting ratings of sofa cleaners by rewarding users. That is valuable.
JustDial is more user friendly then any other such website. JustDial has added advantage of working even offline.

Sulekha is similar to JustDial, but is more active in South India. Sulekha charges from sofa cleaners for each lead they generate for them. They have tried hard to reach the same level as JustDial, but are actually far behind. In some cities, JustDial is better, in some Sulekha is better placed (usually in South India). As both are free for users, both can be used simultaneously to get more optimized result.

UrbanClap is a popular website and mobile application which has promoted itself very well recently and most people know about it. They have advertised through all popular mediums and have tied up with sofa cleaners all over India. They take handsome commission from cleaners as they give converted lead to cleaners. They also have rating system more sound than JustDial or Sulekha. They have professional attitude and are into minting money through generating leads for cleaners. Many times, customers don't get what they have been communicated or committed by UrbanClap due to gap in level of service provided by cleaner and high expectation created by UrbanClap. They have invested heavily in marketing and advertising. That results in putting pressure on cleaners. Many good cleaners have already left UrbanClap due to this pressure tactics and some who are working are doing it for their own personal gain. UrbanClap needs to change its attitude towards cleaners before it's too late.

It's impossible to standardize sofa cleaning service. Cleaning result each time will depend on various factors about which we will talk in next article.

Above websites and mobile applications are top 4 options. You may find others too, but go for these 4 to find the best professional sofa cleaner in your city/town.

Friday, June 29, 2018

10 Tips to extend life of your Fabric Sofa

After doing careful study and talking to many sofa owners, i have concluded 10 tips which will surely extend life of your fabric sofa

1 regular vacuum cleaning of sofa - once a week
2 keep your sofa safe from exposure to direct sun light - use blinds or curtains
3 use cushions - flip them regularly

4 avoid allowing pets on sofa - if allowed, make sure to remove pet hair and dander
5 don't use sofa while eating or drinking - better use dining table and chairs

6 Use complete sofa - avoid using a particular part again and again
7 Consider fabric protection - Scotch Guard and other fabric protector are effective when used on new sofa to a certain extent
8 Choose fabric carefully - fabric with high thread count or dense fabric will last longer
9 Light color sofa will easily get stained and require more frequent cleaning than dark color sofa  -         prefer color which does not fade easily
10 Go for professional sofa shampoo cleaning - every 6 months

 I hope above points will extend life of your sofa.

Do's and Don'ts of Fabric Sofa Shampoo Cleaning at home

You can try to clean your fabric sofa at home. But, there are some important points to note before you try to clean your sofa yourself. This is obviously not for fun. It's a serious work. You may spoil or permanently damage your beloved sofa for ever if you are not careful.

Always, clean your  fabric sofa by 3 step process 
1st step - Vacuuming to remove dust
2nd step - Shampooing to remove stains
3rd step - Vacuuming to dry

You will need a bucket which is half filled with water, a cleaning agent which is also called shampoo for sofa cleaning, a brush to remove stains, scrubber made of nylon to apply foam on sofa and a wet and dry vacuum cleaner to remove dust and later to dry sofa. You can also use some baking soda to remove tough stains in proper proportion.

Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner
Cleaning Agent
A Bucket
Scrubber made of nylon
a Brush used for cleaning cloth

To do your best, kindly go through below do's and don'ts before you start  cleaning your sofa. These are rules which i have found to be true to the core after cleaning 20,000+ sofas in last 8 years.

  • You can clean your sofa at home without professional help, only if it's not too much stained
  • First, try cleaning a small patch of your sofa to check if the chemical being used is suitable and effective or not 
  • Choose correct chemical or cleaning agent by checking the label on the pack
  • You will need a soft brush which you will rub on sofa to remove stains
  • You must vacuum clean the sofa to remove dust before starting shampooing
  • Mix water and cleaning agent as per direction given on the package
  • Try to use only the foam from the bucket where you have stirred the chemical in water
  • Soda can be used with care to remove tough stains
  • Vacuum cleaning of sofa after shampooing is must
  • It's best if you leave your sofa to dry below fan for 3-4 hours after all process of cleaning is over
  • It's always the best to take professional service for sofa cleaning as they have experience and knowledge


  • Don't use too much water as it will damage your sofa permanently
  • Don't experiment! If you have not done any study or have no knowledge about sofa cleaning, then don't try.
  • Don't just research from internet and start using different chemicals to remove stains (everything written on net is not necessarily true, please check the source of information)
  • Don't use any chemical which may harm your health
  • Don't scrub brush with hard hands as it may tear or damage your sofa
  • Don't try to clean your sofa yourself if it is too stained and you are confused about cleaning it
  • Don't leave your sofa in sunlight to dry as it will leave patches on your sofa if there is shadow falling on it while drying
  • Don't use your sofa before it is completely dry

So, now you can start cleaning your sofa and if you follow above do's and don'ts, you may succeed.

Always remember that professional cleaners are more equipped and skilled to clean your sofa. You may be trying to save money by cleaning your sofa yourself, but it will be a disaster if you fail to apply above rules perfectly. In fact, you have hardly any chance as you know quite well that perfection comes from practice. If you fail, then call a professional sofa cleaner immediately to do the correction.

You may take our help to get FREE quotes by applying on 

You can watch the below video for some guidance.

Most popular video of sofa cleaning on YouTube

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Leather Vrs Fabric Sofa - Know everything in 5 minutes

Both types of sofas have their own positive and negative points. Just read these points which will help you in taking decision while buying sofa.

Leather Sofa

Positive points of leather sofa
  • easy to clean,
  • looks modern and high-end
  • suitable if pet is not unruly
  • hypoallergenic and suitable for anyone who is allergic to dust
  • durable and can last for decades
  • color palette is more lasting compared to fabric
  • it's timeless classic which never goes out of fashion

Negative points of leather sofa
  • not many color choices
  • original leather sofas are very expensive
  • they are bulky and not easy to move around
  • not suitable in a room without air conditioner

Fabric Sofa

Positive points of fabric sofa

  • overall, it is more comfortable to use
  • unlimited options in selecting style, colors and patterns to suit any decor
  • Can be repaired easily
  • Fabric can be changed frequently to give new look
  • cost effective
  • you can choose different types of frames - metal, wood or cane
  • it's cozy and people love to spend long hours relaxing on it even without living in air conditioner

Negative points of fabric sofa

  • need constant attention regarding keeping it clean and maintained
  • regular vacuum cleaning is must for long lasting
  • it can be permanently stained by food and drink
  • it soon looks dated and old in few years
  • some fabrics like linens or cottons tend to fade easily, some looses their elasticity

At last, you have to decide that what is more valuable for you - durability or comfort.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

What is this blog about?

This blog is created by someone who has cleaned thousands of different types of sofas in Ahmedabad in last 8 years. It started with steam cleaning of sofa, then shampoo cleaning of sofa. Gradually i have learned that sofa cleaning is a art. I have been continuously cleaning sofas on daily basis to earn bread and butter. I love my job/business. I have learned a lot about sofa cleaning through my rich experience. Now, i have mastered this art and never get any complain from any client. I have earned well, trained and employed many people who are doing marvelous job in sofa cleaning.

Here in this blog i am sharing my knowledge. I will pour about my experience here which may help in increasing life of many sofas. It will help many who will understand how to take care of sofa or upholstery. There are many questions whose answers are still unanswered and unknown. I will try my best to cover all questions related to sofa cleaning and maintaining. This blog will also educate those who are looking to buy new sofa. This blog is useful for anyone who is concerned about sofa.

Do you know that how many types of sofas are available in market?
Do you know that how many methods or process are being used to clean sofas by professionals?
Do you know that sofa cleaning is art?
Do you know that your sofa can be cleaned at home or not?
Do you know which stains on sofa are removable and by using what?
Do you know which are the most popular keywords while searching about sofa cleaning?
Do you know how to start this sofa cleaning business?
Do you know vacuum cleaning should be done how frequently?
Do you know that your sofa has some life which can be increased or decreased?
Do you know Do's and Don'ts of sofa cleaning?
Do you know how sofa seat looses its shape?
Do you know what sofa cushions are filled with?
Do you know which cushions are best for you?
Do you know which sofa color is best for your house?
Do you know how your sofa was made?
Do your sofa have lived up to your expectancy?
Do u check rating of cleaner before allowing him to clean your sofa?
Have you discussed the process of sofa cleaning being used for sofa cleaning with your cleaner?
Have you done enough research before giving appointment to cleaner for cleaning your beloved expensive sofa?
How are we moving towards modular sofas and what are they?
Should we go for ready-made sofa or ask the carpenter to make sofas as per your wish?
How to calculate life of sofa?
Is leather sofa better than fabric ones?
Which is easy to clean, fabric or leather?
Which is easy to manage, fabric or leather?
Do you know that water can be friend or enemy of your sofa?

Many more questions will be answered here. Some are those coming in my mind, some i have read about, some i have been asked and some which you are looking for answer.

I will love to read your comment or question.

You will also get to know all 10 fascinating facts about the business of sofa cleaning.
I will also guide someone who is looking to start sofa cleaning business.

You will also come to know how to find the best sofa cleaner in your town.

There is so much to write. Let me start. 

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