Thursday, June 28, 2018

Leather Vrs Fabric Sofa - Know everything in 5 minutes

Both types of sofas have their own positive and negative points. Just read these points which will help you in taking decision while buying sofa.

Leather Sofa

Positive points of leather sofa
  • easy to clean,
  • looks modern and high-end
  • suitable if pet is not unruly
  • hypoallergenic and suitable for anyone who is allergic to dust
  • durable and can last for decades
  • color palette is more lasting compared to fabric
  • it's timeless classic which never goes out of fashion

Negative points of leather sofa
  • not many color choices
  • original leather sofas are very expensive
  • they are bulky and not easy to move around
  • not suitable in a room without air conditioner

Fabric Sofa

Positive points of fabric sofa

  • overall, it is more comfortable to use
  • unlimited options in selecting style, colors and patterns to suit any decor
  • Can be repaired easily
  • Fabric can be changed frequently to give new look
  • cost effective
  • you can choose different types of frames - metal, wood or cane
  • it's cozy and people love to spend long hours relaxing on it even without living in air conditioner

Negative points of fabric sofa

  • need constant attention regarding keeping it clean and maintained
  • regular vacuum cleaning is must for long lasting
  • it can be permanently stained by food and drink
  • it soon looks dated and old in few years
  • some fabrics like linens or cottons tend to fade easily, some looses their elasticity

At last, you have to decide that what is more valuable for you - durability or comfort.

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