Monday, July 2, 2018

How to find the best professional sofa cleaner in your city/town in India?

It's easy as well as complex. It's how you search, where you search and what you are looking for to find the best sofa cleaner in your city/town.

First, lets check some online sources -

Google is usually the first choice. Here you will immediately get a small list of sofa cleaners, their ratings, their contact details and their website link. It's a free service where Google is not charging sofa cleaners. It's also to gateway to other search options like JustDial, Sulekha and Urbanclap.

JustDial is another good option if you are looking for a deal. Here, you will find various sofa cleaners giving you competitive rates once you use JustDial and inquire for sofa cleaning service. JustDial take resgistartion charge from sofa cleaners. Those who pay more, get more visibility. JustDial has aggressively worked on collecting ratings of sofa cleaners by rewarding users. That is valuable.
JustDial is more user friendly then any other such website. JustDial has added advantage of working even offline.

Sulekha is similar to JustDial, but is more active in South India. Sulekha charges from sofa cleaners for each lead they generate for them. They have tried hard to reach the same level as JustDial, but are actually far behind. In some cities, JustDial is better, in some Sulekha is better placed (usually in South India). As both are free for users, both can be used simultaneously to get more optimized result.

UrbanClap is a popular website and mobile application which has promoted itself very well recently and most people know about it. They have advertised through all popular mediums and have tied up with sofa cleaners all over India. They take handsome commission from cleaners as they give converted lead to cleaners. They also have rating system more sound than JustDial or Sulekha. They have professional attitude and are into minting money through generating leads for cleaners. Many times, customers don't get what they have been communicated or committed by UrbanClap due to gap in level of service provided by cleaner and high expectation created by UrbanClap. They have invested heavily in marketing and advertising. That results in putting pressure on cleaners. Many good cleaners have already left UrbanClap due to this pressure tactics and some who are working are doing it for their own personal gain. UrbanClap needs to change its attitude towards cleaners before it's too late.

It's impossible to standardize sofa cleaning service. Cleaning result each time will depend on various factors about which we will talk in next article.

Above websites and mobile applications are top 4 options. You may find others too, but go for these 4 to find the best professional sofa cleaner in your city/town.

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