Friday, June 29, 2018

10 Tips to extend life of your Fabric Sofa

After doing careful study and talking to many sofa owners, i have concluded 10 tips which will surely extend life of your fabric sofa

1 regular vacuum cleaning of sofa - once a week
2 keep your sofa safe from exposure to direct sun light - use blinds or curtains
3 use cushions - flip them regularly

4 avoid allowing pets on sofa - if allowed, make sure to remove pet hair and dander
5 don't use sofa while eating or drinking - better use dining table and chairs

6 Use complete sofa - avoid using a particular part again and again
7 Consider fabric protection - Scotch Guard and other fabric protector are effective when used on new sofa to a certain extent
8 Choose fabric carefully - fabric with high thread count or dense fabric will last longer
9 Light color sofa will easily get stained and require more frequent cleaning than dark color sofa  -         prefer color which does not fade easily
10 Go for professional sofa shampoo cleaning - every 6 months

 I hope above points will extend life of your sofa.


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